Phum Trea
Phum Trea is about 140km from Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. To get there, one has to travel towards Kampong Cham, then go a 18km village road ride to the bank of Mekong River, where five minute boat ride will take you to the village. This village, about 5km in radius, is along the Mekong River, which also represents the lifeline of the villagers. A population of about 11,000 people, they speak the Cham language and a little Malay. They practice the Islamic faith and live without basic necessities like electricity and piped water. The villagers use water from the dirty Mekong River. There was no proper teaching or medical facilities available to the villagers. Classrooms were overcrowded, hot and furnished with homemade furniture. There was only a village nurse and medical help and medicine were difficult to get.

Understanding the difficulties faced by local villages, Hope primarily focussed on setting up education programmes and cottage industry skills to improve the lives of these families in Phum Trea. Whilst the standard of living for many families in Phum Trea have improved, your assistance will continue to sustain the current education programmes in place for the children at Phum Trea.

Progression from informal medical assistance from a one-off trip to formalised annual medical assistance to Phum Trea
4-year elementary English language programme extended to 150 children
Class room with 75 desks set up at the Hope Centre for English language programmes
130 students graduated to the next level
Cottage industry started with needlework skills; 100 embroidered tote bags made by the women of Phum Trea
Teacher immersion trips in 2011 and 2012 at pre-schools in Singapore
Three English graduates from the 1st cohort now teach English at the school
New school building with 6 teachers
Added commerce English and computer skills to the curriculum
1st delegation of Phum Trea youths at Singapore’s Actions for Earth Youth Conference
Sponsored 50 top students to visit new Chey Senchey Village
Continued support of English education at village


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