Chey Senchey Village
30kms south of Phnom Penh, the Hope Villages Fund is currently building homes and programmes to assist the settlement of 116 homeless families to their new our home in our new village at Kampong Speu.

The project started in 2012 with 76 homeless families. Today, with our donors’ financial assistance and volunteer support, 116 families have roofs over their heads and farms to support their daily sustenance. For these families, canvas shelters as homes and leaking roofs will be a thing of the past. Children are thrilled to come to class everyday for English lessons at the Community Centre and families are just taking their first steps towards financial stability through crop cultivation and animal farming.

There’s a long way to making basic essentials a reality for these families.

Seed distribution for farming
Food rations
76 families housed
Temporary shelters and wells
Training and application of environmentally friendly crop maximisation techniques
1st crop harvest
English language for pre-school
Primary school classes
Cattle and chicken cultivation
Community expands from 76 to 116 families
Trainee-teachers’ development workshop
First success story – family’s earnings of USD500 from their first corn harvest!
Cement houses for 10 families
Land clearing for 40 more houses & family, 200 villagers
Entrepreneurial skills introduced to villagers
First round of sustainable farming activities established
Launched Hope Kindergarten in village
Completed 43 cement homes for 215 individuals/villagers
Completed mosque building
Settled 40 more new families and 200 individuals at villages site
Successful introduction of cash crop, moringa


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